Music Therapy Workshop Established

Have you ever cried when your parents brought you to a hospital during your childhood? Since HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗) is 100% covered in my international student health insurance (aka 留学生保险), and many of friends said the vaccine is better to have than have-not, I made an appointment with the doctor at my university health center. However, the infusion needle made me tremble.

In order to ease my anxiety, I put on my earphones and played some gentle music I downloaded already. Music is magic. I became peaceful. Moreover, would like to praise my university health center. It allows international students to waive health insurance (aka 替换保险) sponsored by the university itself.

My cousin Bob broke his front tooth while traveling to the Grand Canyon. His parents quickly schedule a dental visit in America (aka 美国看牙) and took him to a hospital with his U.S. travel insurance (aka 美国旅游保险) and U.S. dental insurance (aka 美国牙医保险) according to his family doctor’s instruction. At the center of the hospital on the ground floor, a pianist played a Mozart serenade. My cousin told me later that he was terrified on the way to the hospital, yet the gentle music helped him calm down.

Thus, it can be seen that music has magic. A music therapy workshop was established at the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University on Friday through cooperation between the hospital and local pianist Kong Xiangdong.

A series of rhymes will be created to teach and promote basic health knowledge to children, like the importance of hand washing and sports.

“Medical education is not just a boring lecture or an article. We want to make it simple and fun, especially for children,” said Dr Xu Hong from the hospital. “The music workshop will teach children knowledge of disease prevention and enhance their understanding of medical treatment when they are sick. Children also can learn how to cooperate with doctors and nurses through the rhymes, which can make them feel more secure.”

Ken Reece

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